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on sale December 2021 - Warrior in the Mud

A scorchingly honest, thought-provoking memoir detailing the author's harrowing personal journey through childhood abuse, emotional trauma, and a narcissistic marriage


What if you had heard a single message all your life: that you shouldn’t even be here? Would you fight to prove yourself worthy of real love, or turn to more hateful things?

The victim of ‘unusual' abuse that went unrecognized by the authorities, Nicole Martin Salter grew up in the 80s and 90s in New York and Toronto, a mixed-race child of rageful parents who passed on generations of pain and dysfunction to their daughter. Her sense of identity smashed, she proceeded to make a series of decisions that seemed logical at the time, but that were the result of disordered thinking that would risk her life and bring her to the edge of sanity.


Then she finally found safety in a man who gave her marriage and a perfect life…until he abruptly destroyed it.

Warrior in the Mud takes readers on a gripping, brutally honest journey from soul-crushing childhood trauma to its effects on the adult woman who, in desperate pursuit of belonging, fell prey to addiction, prostitution, and predatory personalities until it all came crashing down. Her search to find out what had gone wrong, and how to fix it, is a must-read for anyone recovering from narcissistic abuse and trying to figure out the 'why' behind their own pain.

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