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But if you are interested in books on narcissistic abuse, here's what people are saying about Warrior in the Mud.

5/5 - Nicole Martin Salter's WARRIOR IN THE MUD is an uplifting memoir of an extraordinary life, written with skill, insight, and no small amount of courage.

It’s often said that a good writer can produce a compelling story about what she had for lunch. Martin Salter clearly has that gift. That her history is also the stuff of a page-turner means readers won’t be sorry they gave WARRIOR IN THE MUD a try. - IndieReader (full review here)

Sometimes time is the best teacher. Whether a person wants to experience personal growth or not, there comes the time when it is impossible to hide from the truth: something is fundamentally wrong with his/her life. That was the case with Nicole Martin Salter, who dared to put her story on paper, for others and herself.

Pages filled with physical and mental abuse, childhood trauma, addiction, unhappy marriage - and the lifelong path to healing. - Reedsy Discovery (full review here)

After only a few pages, it’s clear the reader is under the care of an excellent writer, and they will trust you to show them something new. It’s an enviable skill. The chapters are nice and short, making for a fairly tight pace. The vignettes tell a story, not list what happened, which is uncommon...At times, the best service I could do [with this draft] is stay out of the way. Your voice is clear and confident, and you paint pictures in the reader’s mind that few writers I’ve edited are able to do (I’ve edited around three hundred books, most of which have been memoir or biography). In fact, you’ll notice I ran out of superlatives in my comments around the engaging sentence structure and turns of phrase. - Darin Steinkey, Aldridge Street Print & Media

Like I expected, it's a beautiful, tight read, perfect for keeping a reader engaged and wanting more. Sydnia Auzam, Globe & Mail

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