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A scorching autobiography  for truth-seekers, truth-tellers, and black sheep 

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The Goodreads Giveaway has now ended! THANK YOU to the more than 600 people who entered to win a copy of Warrior in the Mud. CONGRATULATIONS to all 100 winners and thank you in advance for your time and attention - enjoy the book!


Born in Brooklyn, New York to an African-American father and an Italian-Canadian mother, Nicole Salter became interested in literature as a form of escape at a very early age. Warrior in the Mud is her first novel, an autobiography about recognizing and overcoming childhood abuse and breaking the self-destructive patterns that resulted from it. Two more books are on the way: A Narcissist Walks Into a Bar provides a rare analysis of the Twelve Steps and the inner workings of the recovery program from the perspective of an ex-member, while the second, Don’t Fry the Children, delves into the emotional challenges of parenting while breaking the cycle of generational pain.  

Throughout her career in education and working as a freelance content creator for small and medium-sized enterprises across Canada, Nicole continued to write fiction. Two of her short stories have been published in print: Daddy's Chicken, by Red Claw Press in their Crave It anthology (2011) and A Conversation Among Friends, published by Inanna in  Other Tongues (2010). After an extended hiatus during which she started a business, had two children and lost everything but her mind, she has returned to long-form writing - this time, from her own experiences. 



To read more about the "why" behind Warrior in the Mud, download the book backgrounder. Or check out the IndieReader interview.


While Nicole works towards becoming a famous lit star, her small artisan business pays the bills. She lives in Toronto, in a fragile ecosystem consisting of several dozen plants, 2 overweight rabbits, and two beautiful children. 



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